Thursday, October 24, 2013

Have a Happy and Green Halloween!

It is already October and we all know what that means… Halloween is almost here! Like other holidays all the fun comes with all the wasteful and expensive consequences. But, this year we can change that by making Halloween a little more sustainable. Here are some easy and convenient ways to have an eco-friendly Halloween!

Reusable Trick or treat bags
This year send your little ones out with a reusable bag when trick or treating. Canvas shopping bags, buckets, cloth or even a pillow case can be used to collect all that yummy candy.
Stay in your neighborhood
Instead of driving to another neighborhood, try to walk or bike around nearby communities to trick or treat. This can reduce fuel consumption and air pollution. If driving is the only option try to carpool.
Save and reuse decorations
Many times we buy decorations for all types of holidays that end up in the trash at the end of the month. This time around, try to save and store away your d├ęcor for the following year. Even the carved pumpkin or straw from that scarecrow can be composted and recycled.
DIY Costume or Costume Swap
When it comes to dressing up try to see if you can reuse different parts of pervious costumes to make a new one! This is not only green but it saves money while also having fun with your creative side. Another idea is to get together with some friends and have a costume swap with pervious Halloween costumes.

These are just some easy ways to have a sustainable Halloween. If you want to see more tips on celebrating a green holiday, check out the websites listed below. Happy Halloween! Stay safe and green!